Accredited Online Colleges

Made to provide information about higher education opportunities, and lead prospective students to associated universities. I helped secure the site by bringing it to full HTTPS compliance.


With all their modern tech services, eldermark needed an advanced website that could show off the best of their products.

Other Projects

Collection of other neat projects I've worked on; from mobile apps to e-commerce.

My Pet Reference

A resource for pet owners, with a trove of info and tips for your fuzzy friends. This site was a unique solution - WordPress was used to manage content, but stripped from the front for a custom Backbone app.

Nurse Journal

A WordPress site with everything you might need to know about the different types of nursing degrees, and how to get one.

I brought this site blazing speeds by converting it from WordPress to Jekyll, a static site generator, and made it easier to use by setting up custom blocks as a replacement to shortcodes.

Pioneer Media Resource

Made to distribute important news, images, and announcements for various products. It's a system built from scratch on the Yii framework, which was excellent for the flexibility.

Personal Portfolio

Now built on a static site generator! A little about the technical aspects and design of the very site you're looking at right now.

Regency Beauty Institute

Regency ran an impressive WordPress site with dozens of custom page layouts, all lovingly handcrafted by in-house designers. As the sole developer I was responsible for the company's entire web presence.


An elegant, clean design built ontop of a flexible system. I made some awesome speed improvements, built out a custom blog, and helped tidy up the code.

Victory Motorcycles

Victory is a huge brand, so I got to be part of a large and awesome team during my time there. I built new sections on their meticulously architected C# / .NET platform, as well as interfaced with a new mobile app.